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What problem are we solving?

For event organizers

For event organizers, they have to waste unnecessary time and money. First off, events cannot be shared. Current event calendars or website pages function simply as static placeholders that store event information and do not allow for easy sharing across multiple locations. Why? The event space has never been socially networked.

Promoting an event is very time-intensive and event organizers all know this. They must manually enter in event content on websites, on e-newsletters, announce it on social media, send emails asking others to help spread the word, print posters, *sigh* and the list goes on. It is tedious because no platform has been built for them to do it effectively.

Whether it is different start times, dates, or locations, there is too often conflicting information for the same event found across different sources on the web. Without a central platform to control all event content, it’s nearly impossible to maintain consistently accurate information.

We've got the solution

Hypestarter is the perfect tool for event organizers - it solves all of these needs with its SaaS product. The product not only streamlines all event promotion needs in one place but also makes events shareable! Event organizers can now cross promote their events through the click of a button (and even promote the events of others). The best part? Any and all edits made to the event are instantly updated everywhere the event is shared. This is a huge help to event organizers because they can (1) get the word out to a larger audience beyond their network and (2) fix the issue of having conflicting information about their event across different sources on the web.

For event goers

Event goers only get to find out about a small portion of all of the local events happening in their area. Why? Because event content lives in isolation across individual websites and regional event aggregators and there’s still no central place to find all of the local events at their fingertips.

It is time consuming for event goers to hunt down outdated event calendars and a bunch of website listings to find events and coordinate plans.

People often find out about an event they would have liked to go to only after it’s happened. They have to look for events in multiple places since there is not one central place that’s all inclusive and so they miss out.

People don’t know which upcoming events their friends or colleagues might be interested in or planning to attend making coordinating plans more of a hassle than it needs to be.

We've got the solution

Hypestarter’s free platform for event goers enables event goers to follow their interests and their favorite organizations and venues to instantly be aware of the local events that they are looking to discover. They can also track friend activity to find out which events their friends are also interested in attending. Discovering local events and coordinating plans (whether solo or in a group) is now completely effortless with Hypestarter.

What is Hypestarter?

Hypestarter is the most advanced event discovery platform on the planet. It is also the only multi-sided platform serving both event organizers and event goers all on one platform. It's smart event calendar SaaS product is the perfect tool for event organizers, enabling them to streamline all of their event needs in one place, save time and money, and share their events. It’s also the most up to date platform for event goers to discover events. We've taken the concepts of cloud computing and social networking and applied them to the event space, an industry that has relied on traditional and obsolete systems. Hypestarter finds it ridiculous that in 2019, event content is still managed in isolation across individual websites and regional event aggregators, with the data manually re-entered in each endpoint! Hypestarter provides a decentralized event calendar platform, which is the new standard for event content on the web, and which makes it finally possible to interconnect communities locally everywhere.

Hypestarter Pitches


Smart event calendar SaaS product + Twitter-like event network for event organizers and event goers.


Hypestarter is the most advanced event discovery platform on the planet for both event organizers to promote their events and event goers to discover events. A crowdsourced event calendar platform, it integrates cross promotion and builds communities around events.


Hypestarter is the only multi-sided platform serving both event organizers and event goers all on one platform. For event organizers, it makes events shareable, enabling them to cross promote events from/to multiple calendars. Events, all managed on an interactive Hypestarter dashboard, automatically sync to beautifully designed website calendars, newsletter event listings, and social media announcements. For event goers, they can follow their interests and become instantly aware of all of the local events they would be interested in so they don’t ever miss out, and they get to track what their friends are interested in and what their favorite organizations and venues have in store for them.

Key Features

For event organizers

  • Manage events on an interactive Hypestarter dashboard, which automatically sync to beautifully designed website calendars, newsletter, and event listings
  • Make edits once on Hypestarter and changes are instantly reflected in every location your event shows up
  • Cross promote to other organizations to get your events on multiple hypestarter calendars and their subsequent embeds
  • Connect Twitter and Facebook accounts instantly and schedule automated promotional posts for your events
  • Embed a calendar onto any website platform such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix
  • Embed events into HTML email service providers such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and iContact
  • Instantly save events into Apple, Google, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars
  • Get content automatically optimized for searches on the web and on the platform
  • Discover and promote other events that local organizations and venues are hosting that your audience would also be interested in knowing about
  • Host event content on a subdomain of your website to hide all Hypestarter branding (white label)
  • Cover payment of sub-calendar accounts as a large organization

For event goers

  • Follow organizations and venues (“calendars”) to stay up to date about those calendars’ upcoming events through a calendar feed
  • Follow local “channels” to stay tuned about local events of particular interest
  • Track friend activity to find out which upcoming events your friends or colleagues are also interested in attending
  • Invite friends and colleagues via Facebook or via email invitations to expand your social circle on Hypestarter
  • Ability to discover events and coordinate plans effortlessly


Event Goer Overview

Event Organizer Overview

The Founding Team

The four of us are problem solvers and we don’t stop at any obstacle in our way. Whether it’s a simple task or a big question, our ability to brainstorm creatively, communicate effectively with one another, and work very well together enables us to quickly find answers to problems that at first seemed impossible to solve.

Ryan Bregier
Co-Founder / CEO

My job is to steer the ship. I develop strategy and call the day-to-day shots, guiding the team to be as efficient and effective as possible.

I'm always focusing on strategic growth opportunities for both Hypestarter and its customers.

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Jason Boone
Co-Founder / Sole Developer

Solving problems with software is my passion. I love little more than taking a new idea and whipping up a functioning prototype.

I make Hypestarter work by managing all application code, software, and infrastructure.

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Steve Garofalo
Product Designer

I'm responsible for the look and feel of Hypestarter. I take high level problems and turn them into beautiful and easy to use solutions.

For me, nothing is more exciting than a new idea, a few smart friends, and a blank white board.

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Mathilde Verdier
Director of Outreach

I make sure Hypestarter gets in front of as many people as possible so they get to use it. The coolest part of my job is seeing all their reactions.

Jaws drop and minds are blown when they realize their problems can go away with a few clicks.

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