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How It Works

Create Your Account
With just a few clicks you will be the proud owner of a beautiful Hypestarter calendar page that can be customized with your logo, banner and background images. Your calendar page is public, allowing anyone to view your events and suggest new ones.
Enter Your Events
Enter your events once and never worry about them again. Hypestarter acts as a content management system for your event info. Once created, any updates you make will be reflected across the entire platform, even on your partners’ calendars!
Cross Promote
Cross promotion is baked into Hypestarter from the beginning. Send a promotion request to any Hypestarter calendar with just a few clicks. Once accepted, your event will instantly be added to their calendar. They can even cross promote it to others.
Follow Your Network
Hypestarter is built around connecting people. Get a personalized feed of all events being created and promoted by those you follow. Get notified when another calendar promotes your events. Even send direct messages to discuss details.

A Smarter Event Calendar

It’s 2019, the days of manually entering every little piece of information and updates to a number of calendars across multiple websites are over.

Hypestarter is the first and only event calendar platform with a focus on decentralizing and networking events within a community. In minutes you can set up a calendar profile page for everyone to follow your activity and updates. Other Hypestarter calendars can even cross promote your events!

Native Cross Promotion

Hypestarter was built from the ground up to support a decentralized community calendar, which is why cross promotion is part of our DNA.

Every one of your events has the potential to spread like wildfire, always pointing back to you as the creator. Get listed in our exclusive region based event channels, send cross promotion requests to affiliates, or just sit back and let others add your event to their calendar.

Registration & Ticketing

With Hypestarter's registration and ticketing system, you can create custom registration forms for all event goers and ticket holder to fill out for your events.

We also support paid ticketing, allowing you to charge for your event and collect payment through Hypestarter via Stripe.


Automatic Embeds

Website widgets allow you to have an always up-to-date calendar without constantly dealing with code or web admin access. Update your calendar and all embeds are synced instantly!

Email embeds generate every line of code for you. Just select which events you want to include in your email, copy your custom code and paste it into your HTML email editor.

Hypestarter is compatible with your favorite website and email platforms!

Powerful Social Media

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Hypestarter and unlock the power of social media promotion.

Schedule promotional posts in a way that makes sense: relative to when your event starts. We even tag any relevant Twitter users and insert the appropriate hashtags.

Direct Messaging

Coordinating with partners and affiliates has never been easier. Share events, cross promote, and get everyone on the same page all within the Hypestarter platform.

Even event goers and followers can send direct messages to you, enabling you to connect with your audience like never before!

Optimized for Discovery

From the moment you create an event, Hypestarter will help optimize content so it's ready to be searched and discovered by your audience.

We generate our URLs in a way that is easily understood by both humans and bots which means major search engines like Google will be able to find and index them. You can also submit your events to our various event channels which help local people find new events and calendars.

Mobile App

Hypstarter for iOS coming soon!

Prices are Fixed for Life
We are constantly adding to our plugin library, that means the longer your account is active, the more features you will have access to. Not to worry, we guarantee that your sign up price is locked in for the entire life of your Hypestarter account.
Upgrade or Downgrade at Any Time
If you decide that a different Hypestarter plan is a better fit, you can change your active plan at any time from your settings page. Once changed, you will receive a prorated charge or a refund depending on the price difference.
Free 30-Day Elite Access
When you sign up for your Hypestarter calendar, you will receive access to every available plugin free for 30 days (no credit card required). Once you’ve had time to assess which plugins are right for you, simply choose the appropriate plan at the end of the month.
Cancel at Any Time
All Hypestarter plans are paid either monthly or yearly. Many of our customers opt for yearly to take advantage of our 15% discount. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and you can cancel at any time from your account settings page.
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